Simon Rudkin - Next Action Associates

Simon Rudkin has over 20 years experience in the IT industry having worked in both technical and leadership roles.  His journey into GTD began in 2004 when a somewhat exasperated manager passed him a copy of the book to read, however it was during a particularly stressful IT transformation in 2009 that Simon reached out for help to deepen and refine his practice.  The results were life changing; not only was he able to move forward on critical tasks far more effectively, but his stress levels dropped through the floor having a real impact in how he showed up and how available he was for those around him.

As a manager Simon had already gained a strong interest in developing others and in 2013 stepped into the world of professional development; he hasn’t looked back since.  Getting to help others along the same life changing path he’s walked down – getting control of their day to day world then drilling into deeper questions – is both a pleasure and a privilege. 

In addition to his work at Next-Action Associates, Simon is building out a Support and Operations function for a new business unit at Rackspace LTD.  For him, it’s important to be able to “take into the trenches” everything he teaches in the classroom and apply it in high pressure, real world situations.  

Simon is currently training as a Bulletproof Coach and working towards his Stage 2 (Projects and Priorities) accreditation.


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