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Ed Lamont and David Allen discuss some simple GTD strategies to counter writer’s block.

Also do read Ed Lamont’s blog on the same topic.

David Allen and Ed Lamont discuss strategies to tackle the perpetual email problem. Definitely a must watch! Also, do read a blog by Ed on the same subject for more insights into email management.

Dr. Daniel Glaser, Head of Special Projects, Public Engagement at the Wellcome Trust talks about his experience of GTD® and how it has helped him both in his career and his personal life.

Todd Brown asks David Allen a question raised by a member of the digital community.

Ed Lamont and David Allen discuss how implementing GTD may feel like learning martial arts – difficult in the beginning but hugely powerful going forwards.

Productivity guru and coach David Allen talks about “Stress Free Productivity” at TEDxClaremontColleges.

Todd Brown, Co-founder and director of Next Action Associates, talks about work-life balance and how the ability to switch from one context to another quickly and efficiently is key.

Don Serrat, CEO of Life Works, talks about his experience of the GTD Workflow Seminar

Kevin Eyres, former European MD of LinkedIn, on using GTD to bring new people into organizations quickly and effectively

Todd gets everyone thinking about the ready position in this video. What does your ready position look like?

How David Allen Gets Back in the Productive Groove

James Layfield, CEO of Central Working, on his thoughts for anyone thinking of coming to the GTD® seminar

Todd Brown, co-founder of Next Action Associates, talks about Getting Things Done on Monocle Radio. A terrific interview on a wide-range of Getting Things Done (GTD) and productivity best practices. Todd talks about challenges people face today and how GTD can help. Recorded by Monocle radio, November 30 2011.

Kevin Eyres, former European MD of LinkedIn, talks about the benefits of GTD in helping us get the right things done.

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