One of the best courses I have ever done. The GTD system took me from overwhelm to overdrive on organisation, now I can't do without it!

Jen Simkins

Social Media

Just wanting to say thank you again for the Level 2 seminar this July in London. The real life changing value it gives only really becomes apparent once you get home and implement it. On hindsight I feel my evaluation in the evaluation form straight after the seminar did not do you and the seminar justice. Sorry about that. Even though it was valuable straight away it is hard to realise straight away what the contents learned can actually REALLY do.

In the last couple of weeks I have cranked through all the backlog and old lists and E-Mail inbox at work and have managed to do a first real FULL weekly review without leaving anything out of the weekly review.

What a feat and what a difference it makes. Keeping this up on a weekly basis is still quite challenging, but I can feel that the direction is absolutely worth it.

Just wanting to let you know and keep up the good work, its so totally worth it, but you already know that don't you?

Eva Engel-Wolf

Getting Things Organised

Robert helped enormously in assisting me to find a way of working that was specific to my own needs and again helped me to deepen my understanding of GTD in a way that has enabled me to maintain productivity and pleasure in my work and wider life.

Paul Rowlands

Director, Sportive

I have had the pleasure to work with Next Action on two occasions.

The first occasion was my attendance at the Seminar “Getting Things Done Fundamentals”.

The seminar was delivered in a professional and enthusiastic way, and significantly helped me organizing and processing my tasks much more efficiently.

Since that training I have adopted the GTD methodology both on work and personal matters. The result is a much faster organization and execution of topics and, maybe even more importantly, better planning and less stress for myself.

I am sure that one of the main reasons I adopted GTD was because of the excellent training skills of Ed and his authentic passion he transmits to the participants.

I was so impressed by the outcome of the training for myself that I organised the same workshop for my management team.

Also on that second occasion I only heard positive feedback from my team on the training and its trainer.

The fact, having its own team adopt the same methodology on organising and tracking tasks, amplified my and my team members benefit of GTD further. I can thus fully recommend Next Action and the GTD training!

Hannes Reuter

Vice President, Dong Energy

Many thanks for your training, I am slowing trying to implement the GTD system and finding it is really helping me.

Rachel Donegan


For me, personally it has definitely made a positive impact on how I get things done and how I am able to measure my productivity every week with a clear picture of what I need to get done for the next week. Thank you, it really made a big revelation to my life.

Darshi Shah

YPO Kenya, Isniya Feeds Ltd.

Thanks so much for such an insightful and inspiring talk last night at Flock! I found it so useful, looking forward to getting my notebook overhaul underway.

Lucy Small

Account Director, GOOD Agency

I wanted to reach out and say thanks very much for the very insightful GTD presentation on Wednesday evening. I am definitely one of those people that keeps everything in my head and see the absolute benefit of following a system like GTD.


City is My Playground

Robert from Next Action Associates was a great coach and ideal for me, giving me real structure and tips from the start in a solid two day engagement, with some good follow-up calls. He worked with me, personalising the experience and most importantly, set up an infrastructure that works and keeps working, beyond the coaching session, and more importantly, beyond the first crisis.

Michael G. Jackson

Scottish Government

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