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I have a clear desk, a clear mind and no stress. I have lots to do but I know where I am with everything (pretty much). I knew your training was going to be good and it was! It was exactly what I needed and will have a great impact on my mental health as well as my productivity!

Thank you so much!

Havey Philpott

Lead Manager

Really enjoyed the course and all that next action are contributing by bringing the GTD principles to life.

Simon Mayes, London

Great stuff, very inspiring!
I like the way you break the year up and give insights into what is valuable to me now and what is good preparation for busy times ahead. I wonder a lot about whether I am enjoying the present enough at times, you know, carpe diem, am I spending my energy wisely, am I not procrastinating again...
Your talks about what to take into consideration and get done to free up time to enjoy are very much appreciated! I admire the way you put in so much information into 20 minutes, too. There's always theory, practice, implementation tips, and a great summary at the end. I mean it all sounds very effortless - and I love your expression "riffing along"! But it is a neat capsule of information and inspiration.
I just subscribed to your newsletter and am looking forward to new podcasts. One idea you two suggested, to talk about how many principles of GTD were already out there and are reflected in quotes from history or famous people - sounds great! Actually, it made me think of the religious calendar and how such time-honored practices probably reflect a lot of insights people before us already had in productivity principles.

Ricci Gras

Many many thanks indeed for a really excellent session yesterday – I really enjoyed myself and it actually exceeded my expectations by a long way – including lots of really timely and interesting challenges for me! I have had a good morning this morning turning my pathetically vague project and action titles into something more action focussed and already I can see what the difference will make

Liz Carlile

Director of Communications, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

I remain a big GTD fan, and practitioner, and read your and your colleagues’ Next Action Associates emails with great interest. I’m still very grateful to you, for your very effective introduction of GTD to my work and personal life. I’d say it’s been a game changer for me.

Viktor Danielson

Partner, ÖstVäst Advisory AB

The best training I have attended in the last six years

Tom Watson

Director, Swarowski

As a convinced user of the GTD methodology, I feel my life has become more structured - in a good way. I can maintain a clear focus on my priorities and I achieve a lot more than before. This is true for my work but also in my private life. Because GTD frees up resources and time, I have more space for leisure, sports, health and fun!

Thomas Leubner

Chief Learning Officer, Siemens

Finding GTD 8 years ago was life-changing – in both my personal and professional lives. Frankly, I can’t really remember how I managed ‘pre-GTD’. Now, having all of the commitments in my life in one place – my commitments to others and others’ to me – gives me a tremendous sense of inner peace and allows me to really be present and focus on what I have in front of me. I rarely forget things I’ve committed to these days. The work with Next Action was essential, both in getting things set up initially and with tune-ups over time. Over time I’ve been able to offer GTD to my teams, and many of them have also become GTD fans.

Stefan Feltens

Chief Financial Officer, Teva

Having personally embarked on the GTD journey almost five years ago now, I can honestly say this personal productivity methodology has changed my life dramatically for the better. As a result of GTD, I’m faster, less stressed, more able to make decisions and happier at work and in life.

Spencer Halon

COO, Airplus

GTD has helped me in two different, but complementary ways.  On a basic level it provides a framework that supports better decisions on workflow and time-management, which is increasingly vital as one takes on greater responsibilities.   For me, more fundamental is the way in which it helps me to think through my key projects, to get clear on what success looks like and what the actions and responsibilities are to get there.  It has freed up my brain to do more strategic thinking, while keeping me from using it to store a giant amorphous list of things to do, ranging from strategic priorities to returning a call. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s very effective.

Simon Collins

UK Senior Partnet, KPMG

I’m in so much more control of my work. I’m now confident that what I am doing at any moment is what I should be doing. My email inbox is often zero, and usually stays below about ten. If I receive a request to do something I know straight away whether I can do it, and how it will fit in with my other projects and actions. The best thing is, I’m no longer thinking (or worrying) about what I’m supposed to be doing at work – my mind has been freed up to focus on much more useful and better things.

Sam Spencer

Service Development, Southwark Council

In our professional and private life we sometimes feel increasingly overwhelmed by the abundance of different kind of jobs, tasks and commitments. The GTD methodology helps me to set the right priorities, bring structure in my fast evolving schedule and with that provides me with the desired freedom for being creative, innovative and efficient. For me and my many team members, who participated in GTD courses, it has been a defining learning experience we don’t want to miss at all.

Robert Hardt

CEO, Siemens

Using the GTD principles, I am much more in control of what is happening, more able to proactively set the agenda for what we need to do and not just fight fires all the time. It is very liberating. It has been a big help to improve the total team’s effectiveness too; not everybody picks up all the principles equally well, but enough has sunk in to make it part of the culture. Great ROI to be sure.

Rob Neill

Head of Global Asset & Platform Management, Syngenta

I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to come along Thursday. Given the level of value I felt guilty I'd even questioned the price of training in my mind and my level of cynicism around it when I first was reading about it, wondering why it was different.

The training day has a combination of factors that made it really powerful for me; yes the concepts, theories and system are really useful and helpful, but when you combined that with the quality of the training materials and your delivery as a trainer it really impressed me as a whole. The way it's structured and delivered taps into a lot of theories around how people learn well.

Personally though, I came away with hope that I can find a better way to stress free existence as a business owner. I have always considered myself pretty organised and motivated, and most people that know me would say that, but I got so much from the course. There were ideas that had never occured to me, the way it combines as a system will be a step up - I viewed it as a way to become super-organised so no longer do I have to worry as much and keep a signficant amount in my head. It will probably mean I can take on a larger workload as I'm not holding it all in my head - I always find I hit a limit at about 5 projects, I can't take the distraction of focus as soon as there is more. But with this, I could manage more by dealing with things at the right time. I struggle to sleep when I'm busy and I see this as a way forward and being able to sleep again, even under greater pressures.

I am focusing on starting to set the system up today - and I know this is only an email - but I wanted to say a big thank you! I am so pleased I met you, and you have converted me to a fan - I'd love to take you out for lunch or dinner at least to say thank you and brainstorm how I can take this to my connections in the HR industry.

Rebecca Stevenes

Work Brighter

Thanks so much for this – this is by far the best training I have ever been on in terms of how much I got out of it and how enjoyable the day was!

Pippa Stanley

Willis Towers Watson

When GTD was recommended to me a few years back I was already pretty well organised, but with a significant increase in responsibilities I knew that I had to raise my game to cope with a new level of volume and complexity in my work.

The process I went through was complete and well-structured, and while I was tired when we were done I also felt like I had more clarity than I’d had in ages. I had a clear overview of all that I had on, and was much better able to prioritise my activities and effort. It didn’t take any of the work away, but it did give me a sense that I was making better – more strategic – choices with all that was coming at me.

Hugely helpful was the way GTD gave me a simple way of tracking things that I delegated, and to keep large projects with multiple moving parts rolling forward. Our firm would be a much easier place to lead and work in if more of our partners and directors were working with this approach.

With hindsight, I’d say that getting GTD came at just the right time for me. It was critical for getting on top of my job as Global COO, and then as UK Managing Partner. I’m definitely not perfect with it, but when the pressure has gone up GTD has been the approach I’ve consistently returned to, to regain a sense of control and perspective with all that I have on.

Philip Davidson

Managing Partner, KPMG

A simply brilliant way of prioritizing workflow, managing proejcts, and actually doing it all with far less stress.

Peter Casebow

CEO, Good Practice

Every participant genuinely enjoyed the seminar, and this really triggered a good deal of self-reflection in all of us. What I know from my personal observation and the dialogue with my colleagues: We are all working on applying the learnings and on integrating, with different degrees, the GTD methodology. Thanks again for a very valuable and ‘positively disruptive’ learning experience.

Nicolas Zuercher

Finance/group treasurer, Syngenta

I have been using the Getting Things Done methodology for several years to organise myself, and I’d recommend it to anyone. A relatively small investment of time in coaching has repaid itself - many times over - in terms of materially improved productivity at work and home. Most importantly, I have a sense of well-being that comes from being more in control of my tasks.

Nick Chism

Global Chair, Government & Infrastructure and Deputy Head, Global Sales & Markets, KPMG

Thanks again for your valuable training and time given to us, I'm now on track and last weekend I felt the difference, I didn't have to spend time reading my emails, and all actions have been done on Sunday, just enjoyed my time with my family.


PA, Siemens

This was probably the most useful training I've ever received. Thank you! I was away from work most of yesterday but been living through today, well, Getting Things Done, really! And raving about it all, getting colleagues and neighbours highly intrigued.

Matthias Abraham

Senior Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services

When I first heard about Getting Things Done I was a bit skeptical. As a senior leader of a large department with a global remit I thought that I already knew all I needed to know about ‘getting organized’. In many ways that was true, but after the first few hours of coaching it became clear that there was a lot that GTD could offer to raise my game, particularly in terms of helping me to stay focused on things that are important to me in my professional and personal life.

Marion Horstmann

Corporate Vice President, Siemens

Learning about GTD was a revelation - it's helped me organise my life inside work out outside of it, leading to me being happier, more productive and less stressed. Judy was a great teacher - patient, reassuring and great at explaining the ideas behind the system. I am still using it months on and developing it, and would really recommend her class to anyone else - whether they think they need it or not, they will find a benefit.

Louise Ridley

Assistant New Editor, The Huffington Post UK

When I first moved into a complex international leadership role I started to feel more and more overwhelmed by trying to keep up with too many to-dos, large and small. Worse, I regularly lost track of things I had delegated to my team. When I was introduced to GTD it not only helped me regain a sense of control of what I’m doing, but also to be sure I am aware of all tasks I have asked someone else to handle. That clarity has allowed for proper follow-up with my team.
GTD turned out to be a “life-saver” for me professionally, and after using it consistently for the past five years I still feel it is one of the most effective techniques to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Livia Freudl

Head of HR, Siemens

I have been using GTD for 5 years now. The tools, techniques and processes I learned at the start - and have mastered over time - are the foundation of my daily life, both at work and at home.

I have always been a natural planner, and was already highly efficient in my work. But as I gained more seniority and began working across time zones with global stakeholders I had to mobilise large, fragmented teams and the demands on my time and the feeling of needing to be always ‘on’ meant there weren’t enough hours in the day.

Given the hours and effort I was already putting in, working longer and harder wasn’t an option. And I realized that what I was experiencing wasn’t just a blip that would eventually pass. This was the new normal, and to be able to keep on top of things demanded a shift in the way I worked and organised myself. And that was just for my work life. And given how much time I was spending on work, it was even more challenging at home!

GTD offered a simple and flexible framework that I was able to start using immediately, and which provided immediate relief for some of what I was experiencing. For me the most powerful thing GTD offers is the ability to unlock critical thinking time – finding enough space each week to clear my mind and get my commitments into a system that I trust.

The practice of GTD has grounded me through this journey of taking on more and more responsibility, and is the bedrock that I return to daily to ensure I am focusing on the right things at the right time.

GTD has supported me through the transition I have made to being a Partner – including winning and leading the firm’s largest consulting project with a team of over 150 people – and has allowed my system to constantly evolve as I’ve needed more support from it. It is a simple approach, but it helps to manage extreme complexity.

Because of that simplicity and flexibility, it is a system that works as well for CEOs as it does for secretaries. When whole teams work in this way it equips them to cope with shifting priorities, ambiguity and complex situations – and unlocks productivity as a result.

I would strongly recommend GTD is available within the firm at all grades to support us on our transformation journey.

Lauren Jackson

Partner, Government & Infrastructure, KPMG

GTD is a program that I have successfully applied for several years now. It really helps to process and prioritize all that “stuff” that comes in to you everyday life – personal and professional. You can focus on your goals. Based on my personal experience with GTD I have also implemented it in my team and reactions have been thoroughly positive.

Kerstin Wagner

Head of Talent Acquisition, Deutsche Bahn

Thanks so much. It was a life changing session and I really appreciate your time.

Kerry Taylor

Senior VP, Viacom

As a result of proper planning in a GTD style, I feel “in control”.

John Tierney

I just wanted to say thank you for doing the podcasts. As an avid podcast listener and devoted GTDer, I was thrilled to discover them. I really enjoy listening to you talk about the principles and practical examples of GTD. (For some reason, it has this calming effect on me. Like yoga or buddhism or something.)

Anyway, I first read GTD and made some changes and saw some big effects in my productivity. Recently I revisited the principles (I am currently reading Mr Allen's book 'Making it all work') and gave my system a "spring clean".

Over time, I'd been putting things on the wrong lists, started extraneous lists I didn't really need, was doing too much inefficent 'copying and pasting' between lists while doing my reviews, and so on. I then - this coincided with me discovering both your and the American podcasts - sat down with a pen and paper and worked through my lists from first principles. The result: fewer lists, a much clearer head and a great feeling of freedom. I've shifted my productivity up a gear yet am more relaxed than before.

And, once again, to say thank you and keep up the good work. I really enjoy listening!

John Skinner

Thank you again for such an interesting and exciting day. It was genuinely inspiring and allowed me to make the leap of faith needed between reading and thinking about GTD to committing to it to work for me. I know many of the others there felt similarly and it was heartening to meet those who were implementing the system in their own work and lives.

John Halford

Partner, Bindman Solicitors

I can thoroughly recommend the GTD approach to all who want to achieve more with less stress!

James McBrien

Managing Director, Clearwater Advisors

Many thanks for the seminar earlier in the week. I’ve done quite a few sales training days in the past and can honestly say this has had more of an impact on me than any other course. It was very insightful and though provoking. But most importantly, to be able to come away with simple and clear steps on how to improve the way I work going forward from today gives me a real buzz.
Looking forward to applying and developing what I’ve learned in the weeks and months ahead.
When I close this email and archive it I will have no email in my inbox for the first time in my 3 years with Husqvarna!!!

James Etoe


I wanted to say thank you for the 2 day training session. A complete revelation for me. I needed this about 20 years ago! My head is free of crap and I have remembered more stuff to do which has gone into my Mind Sweep for processing. A very very Happy Customer!

Helen Royall

Finance Manager, Freebridge

I did GTD Workflow Coaching 5 years ago and have benefited greatly from it. I feel I have more time to be creative in both at work and in my personal life, which - in today's environment - is not easy to achieve. If you struggle to combine day to day in-box management with client delivery, account targeting and delivering strategy, while not losing sight of personal goals, I suggest that GTD may have something in it for you. I haven’t managed to implement everything that was proposed, but everything that I have implemented has been helpful.

Guy Warrington

Partner, KPMG

In 2014 I completed the Getting Things Done course offered by Next Action Associates through Siemens Learning Campus. I was already familiar with GTD through the book, but just reading the book was not enough to help me get the system fully integrated into my life.

What the seminar did was to help me identify - and change - my work habits so that I can consistently work more efficiently and effectively. A highlight for me: in one of the exercises in the seminar I was able to get my 2000+ e-mail backlog down to zero.

The best part about implementing GTD has been that I have finally gotten on top of the stress of always feeling like I was missing something. By getting everything out of my head and clearly sorted in one place I was able to significantly reduce my stress levels at work.

I’m still not perfect, but no matter how often I feel like I have fallen behind, I know that I am miles ahead of where I was a few years ago in staying organized and having a clear picture of my goals and actions.

I still struggle every day to make sure I keep up with all of my work, but I now have a systematic approach to get back on top of it all. GTD changed the way I work, and that has changed my life.

I highly recommend it for all of our colleagues. I’ve put many of my direct reports through the training and the common language and way of working has been a real help to us as a team.

I got my inbox to zero again this morning. What a great feeling! GTD is amazing if you stick with it and are patient with yourself.

Gillian Saunders

Director of Quality Management, Siemens

In terms of GTD – it is a permanent part of my working life! Overall it has been an enormous help.

Gary Reader

Partner, KPMG

I learnt so much from both the book and you! I took the plunge 6 months ago to go full time with my stationery business based on my collages of nature. I have been very lucky as its been a huge success, I have gone from one shop selling my products to 60 shops including Fenwick and Fortnum & Mason, plus 4 international distributors and a London agent. The learning curve has been steep (and at times overwhelming!!) but throughout this journey it has been amazing to rely on the GTD structure.

Eloise Hall

Personal Assistant

After training people usually go back to doing what they were doing before but the GTD training was different - our staff adopted the methodology with enthusiasm and we could see tangible change.  Six weeks on, as a team we feel less overwhelmed with the volume of work that comes to us. We are now able to compartmentalise our tasks and we have all adopted google keep which we use daily..

Deborah Loveluck

Director of Development, Cambridge University

One thing GTD has definitely helped me do is delegate better. Because the methodology prompts you to distinguish between projects and tasks, I am able to identify projects more easily and delegate the various tasks required to complete the project, to my team. Before GTD, I found myself completing tasks I probably shouldn’t have been. Delegation is a skill that is developed and improved over time – GTD definitely helped me improve my delegation skills!

Craig Steven-Jennings


I really enjoyed the seminar. Material and group interaction were both good and I was impressed with Todd being able to get through the agenda pretty well on time. Good venue too.

Chris Hocking

Director & General Manager, Oxford Technical Solutions

Ed’s engagement has been a major factor in my personal and professional development over the last few years and he has contributed significantly to the success of our team – Five years ago he helped us to develop a stretching vision for the team and since then has supported the development and implementation of a practical, granular strategy to achieve it. I have found that Ed continues to introduce fresh thoughts, ideas and perspectives during his coaching and even though we have worked together for several years now I still know that a nugget of new information will come out of each session. I recommend him highly to others in leadership positions.

Jonathan Boyers

Head of KPMG Corporate Finance in the North of England

Nothing short of life changing!

Ben Hammersley

The Guardian

I am in a position at the moment, where this is going to massively help me push my own business forward. Great Day!

Anthony Donelan

Donelan Property

My head is more clear! It has changed the way I also think about my to-do's. Instead of stressing out and having anxiety about them, I jot it down in my Omnifocus and know it will get done at the appropriate time.


It has given me the confidence to oversee a wide range of projects with the knowledge that when I slip up I won't fall very far.


I can’t tell you how different I feel. I feel like a new person. It’s not just having a clean desk or less on my mind. Tying mundane tasks into areas of focus has made them seem less mundane, so I take more ownership of the result and am more motivated.
Satisfaction of completing a task goes beyond feeling good about ticking a box. It makes me feel like I’m taking a step toward having a balanced, fulfilling life. I feel like I’ve been on a tread mill looking at my feet for years and am now on top of a mountain looking at other mountains and valleys.


I just wanted to get in touch with you and say thank you. Thank you for introducing me to GTD and the wonderful app, Nirvana. It has honestly changed my life in terms of how productive I am now. I can't quite get my head around how I managed my life before, or how anyone else, that doesn't use GTD, manages now!

Angus Lowe

Senior Service Designer, Engine Service Design

GTD indeed changed my life! So I’m happy to recommend it.

Angelique Friche

Local Product & Partner Manager

I am so glad that I got the chance to participate in your training last week. You really thrilled me, your stories and GTD inspired me. The training and exercise opened my eyes, made me realize that my private life needed more attention and that certain things went wrong in the past. You gave me new ideas on how to handle things in a different and more structured way. Little by Little I am implementing these new acquired ideas. Highly motivated and ready for action I started into the day on Thursday last week. On Friday my inbox was empty for the first time. I free my mind by sending emails to myself, by "parking" things temporarily in a different place. The lists we have created are very useful to me. And this is only the beginning... I am quite sure that with time I will manage things even better.

Britt Schluter

Personal Assistant

One of the best courses I have ever done. The GTD system took me from overwhelm to overdrive on organisation, now I can't do without it!

Jen Simkins

via Social Media

Just wanting to say thank you again for the Level 2 seminar this July in London. The real life changing value it gives only really becomes apparent once you get home and implement it. On hindsight I feel my evaluation in the evaluation form straight after the seminar did not do you and the seminar justice. Sorry about that. Even though it was valuable straight away it is hard to realise straight away what the contents learned can actually REALLY do.

In the last couple of weeks I have cranked through all the backlog and old lists and E-Mail inbox at work and have managed to do a first real FULL weekly review without leaving anything out of the weekly review.

What a feat and what a difference it makes. Keeping this up on a weekly basis is still quite challenging, but I can feel that the direction is absolutely worth it.

Just wanting to let you know and keep up the good work, its so totally worth it, but you already know that don't you?

Eva Engel-Wolf

Getting Things Organised

Robert helped enormously in assisting me to find a way of working that was specific to my own needs and again helped me to deepen my understanding of GTD in a way that has enabled me to maintain productivity and pleasure in my work and wider life.

Paul Rowlands

Director, Sportive

I have had the pleasure to work with Next Action on two occasions.

The first occasion was my attendance at the Seminar “Getting Things Done Fundamentals”.

The seminar was delivered in a professional and enthusiastic way, and significantly helped me organizing and processing my tasks much more efficiently.

Since that training I have adopted the GTD methodology both on work and personal matters. The result is a much faster organization and execution of topics and, maybe even more importantly, better planning and less stress for myself.

I am sure that one of the main reasons I adopted GTD was because of the excellent training skills of Ed and his authentic passion he transmits to the participants.

I was so impressed by the outcome of the training for myself that I organised the same workshop for my management team.

Also on that second occasion I only heard positive feedback from my team on the training and its trainer.

The fact, having its own team adopt the same methodology on organising and tracking tasks, amplified my and my team members benefit of GTD further. I can thus fully recommend Next Action and the GTD training!

Hannes Reuter

Vice President, Dong Energy

Many thanks for your training, I am slowing trying to implement the GTD system and finding it is really helping me.

Rachel Donegan

For me, personally it has definitely made a positive impact on how I get things done and how I am able to measure my productivity every week with a clear picture of what I need to get done for the next week. Thank you, it really made a big revelation to my life.

Darshi Shah

Thanks so much for such an insightful and inspiring talk last night at Flock! I found it so useful, looking forward to getting my notebook overhaul underway.

Lucy Small

Account Director, GOOD Agency

I wanted to reach out and say thanks very much for the very insightful GTD presentation on Wednesday evening. I am definitely one of those people that keeps everything in my head and see the absolute benefit of following a system like GTD.


City is My Playground

Robert from Next Action Associates was a great coach and ideal for me, giving me real structure and tips from the start in a solid two day engagement, with some good follow-up calls. He worked with me, personalising the experience and most importantly, set up an infrastructure that works and keeps working, beyond the coaching session, and more importantly, beyond the first crisis.

Michael G. Jackson

Scottish Government

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