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…I had more clarity than I’d had in ages…

When GTD was recommended to me a few years back I was already pretty well organised, but with a significant increase in responsibilities I knew that I had to raise my game to cope with a new level of volume and complexity in my work. The process I went through was complete and well-structured, and while I was tired when we were done I also felt like I had more clarity than I’d had in ages. I had a clear overview of all that I had on, and was much better able to prioritise my activities and effort. It didn’t take any of the work away, but it did give me a sense that I was making better – more strategic – choices with all that was coming at me. Hugely helpful was the way GTD gave me a simple way of tracking things that I delegated, and to keep large projects with multiple moving parts rolling forward. Our firm would be a much easier place to lead and work in if more of our partners and directors were working with this approach. With hindsight, I’d say that getting GTD came at just the right time for me. It was critical for getting on top of my job as Global COO, and then as UK Managing Partner. I’m definitely not perfect with it, but when the pressure has gone up GTD has been the approach I’ve consistently returned to, to regain a sense of control and perspective with all that I have on.

Philip Davidson

Managing Partner, KPMG