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…GTD principles helped to improve productivity…

As the Head of Learning for KPMG in Russia I was initially exposed to a short taster session of Getting Things Done, and immediately saw its potential to help my organisation. I pulled together a group of some of the most sceptical employees to help me review the GTD methodology in a 2-day seminar, and we got incredibly positive feedback from them. As a result, we decided to make GTD a part of our skills curriculum for all grades from manager to parnter – people who often think they know everything about time management already. These workshops were also extremely successful. I believe GTD gives everyone the opportunity to significantly improve their own productivity by simply applying some basic principles systematically, like stopping keeping giant to-do lists in our heads and instead getting it all out into a better structure to make prioritisation more intuitive. Many participants, including myself, were pleasantly surprised to see that GTD principles helped to improve productivity not only at work, but that it also improved the quality of time we had available in our personal lives. For instance, the benefits I’ve experienced include not only increased productivity with lower stress levels at work, but also more time for new hobbies, my family and friends.

Oxana Martynova

Head of L&D, KPMG