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I have been using GTD for 5 years now. The tools, techniques and processes I learned at the start - and have mastered over time - are the foundation of my daily life, both at work and at home. I have always been a natural planner, and was already highly efficient in my work. But as I gained more seniority and began working across time zones with global stakeholders I had to mobilise large, fragmented teams and the demands on my time and the feeling of needing to be always ‘on’ meant there weren’t enough hours in the day. Given the hours and effort I was already putting in, working longer and harder wasn’t an option. And I realized that what I was experiencing wasn’t just a blip that would eventually pass. This was the new normal, and to be able to keep on top of things demanded a shift in the way I worked and organised myself. And that was just for my work life. And given how much time I was spending on work, it was even more challenging at home! GTD offered a simple and flexible framework that I was able to start using immediately, and which provided immediate relief for some of what I was experiencing. For me the most powerful thing GTD offers is the ability to unlock critical thinking time – finding enough space each week to clear my mind and get my commitments into a system that I trust. The practice of GTD has grounded me through this journey of taking on more and more responsibility, and is the bedrock that I return to daily to ensure I am focusing on the right things at the right time. GTD has supported me through the transition I have made to being a Partner – including winning and leading the firm’s largest consulting project with a team of over 150 people – and has allowed my system to constantly evolve as I’ve needed more support from it. It is a simple approach, but it helps to manage extreme complexity. Because of that simplicity and flexibility, it is a system that works as well for CEOs as it does for secretaries. When whole teams work in this way it equips them to cope with shifting priorities, ambiguity and complex situations – and unlocks productivity as a result. I would strongly recommend GTD is available within the firm at all grades to support us on our transformation journey.

Lauren Jackson

Partner, Government & Infrastructure, KPMG