Stuart Corrigan was the Managing Director of Vanguard Consulting in Scotland until joining Next-Action Associates in 2016. Stuart has consulted globally on strategic and operational change for clients such as Lloyds Bank, Aon, Zurich Ireland, The Scottish Government and many more blue chip organisations.

Having led many change and digital change programmes, his speciality is coaching leaders and project management personnel.

His journey started with GTD a year ago when he was searching for a programme to help leaders free up their time so they could spend more time leading change rather than getting caught up in the day to day running of their organisations. He took the fundamentals course and immediately found huge personal benefit. He then decided he wanted to teach GTD, and after an extensive accreditation programme he joined next-action associates in January 2016.

Stuart is certified by the David Allen Company as a Trainer in the GTD Fundamentals Course and is also a Certified GTD Workflow Coach.

Stuart has a BSc(Hons) degree in psychology and an MBA from the University of Cardiff.

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