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Upcoming GTD® Public Seminar & Webinar Dates

Type Date Location
Level 1; Fundamentals September 05, 2019 London
Level 3, Focus & Direction September 10, 2019 London
Level 1; Fundamentals September 18, 2019 Manchester
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About The Seminars
GTD Mastering Workflow Level 1: Fundamentals is a one-day seminar that provides practical techniques that help you to get control of your world. You will increase your productivity, yes, but you will do so while maintaining a clear mind and the confidence that you are consistently focused on the right things. Read More »

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 2: Projects and Priorities is a one-day seminar that allows participants to explore how advanced themes in the GTD methodology could help them reduce the friction in their lives, to help get more of the right things done, in less time, with less stress. Read More »

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 3: Focus and Direction is a one-day seminar that helps participants to clearly distinguish the different Horizons of Focus® and how to utilise those frameworks to create, align with, and execute on any desired outcome across both work and life. Read More »

Level Two and Level Three Seminars (UK/Ireland)

If you are interested in a Level 2 or Level 3 seminar and no dates are showing above, please email info@next-action.eu and let us know which location and Level of seminar you are interested in attending.

Level One and Level Two Seminars (German Language)

For all upcoming seminar dates, please visit Next Action Partners.

Don't see your city? Interested in having a GTD seminar come to your area? We'd love to hear from you if you are in Cardiff, Dublin or really anywhere in the UK/Ireland.

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