GTD in Manchester

  • Why do we sometimes feel we’re working harder but falling further behind?
  • Is it possible to achieve what you want without having to work longer hours?
  • Can increased productivity really go hand-in-hand with lower stress levels?

GTD® – the Getting Things Done methodology – is a systematic way of managing your day-to-day workflow which helps you get more of the right things done, more quickly, and with a lot less stress.

The results are consistent. In a recent impact survey in a major organisation, staff reported a 15-20% increase in their productivity as a result of GTD®, and a positive impact both at work and at home. Watch our case study video to find out more…

“GTD® has changed my life dramatically for the better.” (Spencer Hanlon, COO, Airplus).

“Learning GTD® was a revelation. It helped me organise my life inside work and outside of it.” (Louise Ridley, Huffington Post).

“The best training I’ve attended in the last 6 years.” (Tom Watson, Director, Swarovski)

I want to get started – Book a place on our next seminar in Manchester. Next Action Associates is the only company in the UK certified to teach GTD® and our acclaimed full-day seminar, supported by high quality materials and follow-up support, will show you how to implement the methodology successfully.

I want to know more – Get in touch to arrange a chat. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, not only about our public courses but also about how we work with teams and organisations to achieve the transformational benefits that GTD® is known for.

GTD® has been tried and tested over 30 years of training and coaching with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. In that time it has earned a reputation as the gold standard of personal and organisational productivity because it works. 

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