Introduction to GTD® Mastering Workflow, Webinar, Friday 27th October 2017

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DATE: Friday 27th October 2017

VENUE: Online

TIME: 11am – 12.30pm (UK time)


ABOUT: Why do we sometimes feel like we’re working harder but falling further behind? Is it possible to achieve what we want personally and professionally without working more hours? Can increased productivity really go hand-in-hand with lower stress levels?

The headwinds we face in life today are formidable. Emails and instant messages come in at a relentless pace. Calendars fill up. Distractions abound. The Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology provides practical techniques that help you to get control of your world.

In this 90-minute taster webinar, you will have a chance to understand and actually experience how GTD has helped millions of people achieve not only greater productivity, but also a clear mind and the confidence that they are consistently focused on the right things. We will introduce the simple, practical five-phase model to help you gain greater control over your work and life without losing much-needed perspective.

Anyone who wants to find out how GTD could help them get more of the right things done–in less time, with less stress–is invited to attend.

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