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Meet your future self

Meet your future self

What will you be like five years from now? Many people don’t think they’ll be that different. Psychologists call it the ‘End of History’ illusion because although we can easily see how much we’ve changed in the past, we have to rely on our imagination to figure out how much we’re going to change in the future, which is harder. As a result, we tend to think we’re not going to change nearly as much as we inevitably do.

And how will your work and life change? Again, it’s hard to imagine a future world without a full inbox, long hours and stressful workload, but there IS a way that these things can change. What if…

  • … your future self gets more things done in less time?
  • … your future self feels a lot less stressed?
  • … your future self works fewer hours and switches off better at home?

Feels a bit far fetched, doesn’t it, like weight loss pills, self-cleaning houses and a world without traffic jams. But all these things are actually possible – and in months, not years – with a very smart way of working called Getting Things Done® (or ‘GTD’ for short). It’s a systematic way of managing everything that’s coming at you – both at work and at home – which boosts your productivity and reduces your stress.

Sounds interesting? Join us in Manchester on 6th July to start experiencing a very different way of working and living. Your future self will love you for it.

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