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Refine your GTD practice in 20 minutes with a Certified Coach

Refine your GTD practice in 20 minutes with a Certified Coach

Are you struggling to implement GTD? Are you using GTD but still finding that you’re falling off the wagon and having difficulty getting back on?

The problem is likely that you have not yet set up your system to match the way that your brain likes to work. For example, in the fight between motivation and effort required to complete a action, one that seems too difficult to do will get passed over for something easier (even if it’s less important). Likewise, when you read a action that lacks clarity or is something you’ve never done before, your brain may direct you to something that it already knows how to do.

GTD is designed to mimic the way our brain likes to work. Set up your system in the correct way and you’ll be a virtual powerhouse of productivity; set it up the wrong way and you’ll be wondering why you can’t seem (yet again) to make a system work for you.

As coaches we’ve been trained to know exactly how to set up your GTD system so that it works. As a result, we can spot very quickly why someone’s GTD system isn’t working.

Give us 20 minutes on the phone and we’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong with your system and why its not working for you.

We offer this for free because:

  1. We care passionately about helping our clients and we want them to spread the word about GTD.
  2. If you find value in what we can do for you in 20 minutes, you may decide to have us support you with further coaching.
  3. It’s only 20 minutes, so no big loss if we don’t gel.

The call is designed to provide you with insights about how to improve your productivity and effectiveness by implementing GTD, and to provide informed choice about how we can help as coaches. After the call, if you’d like us to outline the coaching options we’ll be happy to take a minute to do so, and if not no problem.

Click the link below if you’d like to schedule a discovery call and we’ll send you back some options for times and then a link to connect online.

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