Michael Jackson - Next Action Associates

Michael Jackson

“As part of my Realising Potential Programme for high performing leaders at the Scottish Government, I decided to use my bursary to have some intensive coaching in the Getting Things Done methodology in order to deliver a step change to my ability to take on and manage all the things I was currently dealing with. I’d moved from a job with a few big things to deliver, to one with hundreds of smaller things to track and manage, as well as dealing with other changes in a big year for Scotland.

Robert from Next Action Associates was a great coach and ideal for me, giving me real structure and tips from the start in a solid two day engagement, with some good follow-up calls. He worked with me, personalising the experience and most importantly, set up an infrastructure that works and keeps working, beyond the coaching session, and more importantly, beyond the first crisis. That was my critical success factor, and was the real benefit of a personal coach beyond the book, and the one day seminar, although I’d recommend both of those as first steps.”

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