Our feature in the Financial Times Guide to Business Training - Next Action Associates

FT Guide to Business Training


The Financial Times Guide to Business Training features Next Action Associates as a firm to emulate when it comes to delivering high-impact training events.

Considered to be the ‘Bible’ of the business training world, the guide can serve as a reference or as a source of inspiration and ideas on how to plan and execute a successful seminar.

This year’s edition of the guide says that Next Action runs events which exhibit the best practices that the FT Guide to Business Training believes are critical to a successful training course. “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress – Free Productivity” by David Allen forms the foundation of the seminars run by Next Action. The firm’s success in the UK and Europe is due to its ability to facilitate the achievement of stress-free productivity for its clients.

“We are honoured to be recognized by the Financial Times Guide to Business Training for the quality of our training events. Over the years we have refined our approach to ensure that our clients experience the benefits of GTD for themselves,” said Ed Lamont and Todd Brown, directors of Next Action.

Next Action’s next public seminar will be held in Dublin on the 14th of November. For more information and for registration details, please visit:


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