GTD Private Seminars

Mastering Workflow
This one-day seminar delivers a dynamic, systematic, five-phase approach to dealing effectively with the incoming “stuff” of our lives – mail, memos, meetings, email, ideas, notes, to-dos, projects, reference materials, etc., and provides a practical methodology for utilizing paper-based and computer-based systems to organize it.Our ability to focus effectively on the job and priorities at hand is too often challenged by the non-stop flood of required, but not necessarily urgent, input, decisions and actions with which we must deal. Mastering Workflow teaches a simple, fundamental thought process which participants immediately apply to current work at hand, creating critical enhancements and seamless integration of their own unique personal management systems.Download PDF with full description
Managing Workflow, Projects & Priorities
The two-day Getting Things Done – Managing Workflow, Projects & Priorities (GTD) seminar delivers the core self- management methodology to handle today’s intensity and volume of communication, workflow, and responsibility. It introduces a revolutionary, intuitive approach to maintaining a clear-headed executive focus in a world of ambiguity and overwhelming commitments. The seminar principles have transformed organizational cultures and many lives.Immediately practical, it organizes all pending activities within a seamless system ensuring control and successful completion. It offers highly effective techniques for dealing with paperwork, email, commitments, and internal thinking, while enhancing creativity and flexibility. Participants invariably experience a new sense of relaxed control and greater ability to focus and follow through toward meaningful objectives.Download PDF with full description
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