GTD in Manchester

The Getting Things Done (GTD®) methodology is a stress-reducing way to manage everything that’s coming at you – both at work and at home – no matter how busy your life. For overwhelmed individuals and teams, GTD® brings relief and clarity. For leaders, GTD® creates headspace for strategic thinking and accelerates achievement. The impact it can have – across all aspects of your life – can be transformational.

Join us in Manchester on Thursday 6th of July to start experiencing a different way of working and living. By the end of the day;

  • You’ll understand how the GTD® methodology works and why it has such a big impact.
  • You’ll be motivated to move work and life forward with new energy, clarity and focus.
  • You’ll be ready to custom-build a world-class personal productivity system that works for you.

“Learning GTD was a revelation.” (Louise Ridley, Huffington Post).

Ready? Book now – Places are limited.

Unsure? Get in touch. If you’ve been living with (and surrounded by) stress for a long time, then GTD may sound too good to be true. Get in touch for a chat and we’ll explain why it works. You can find out about discounts available for particular groups, too.

“The best training I’ve attended in 6 years.” (Tom Watson, Director, Swarovski)

GTD® has been tried and tested over 30 years of training and coaching with hundreds of thousands of people around the world and has a reputation as the gold standard of personal and organisation productivity. Next Action Associates is the only company in the UK & Ireland that is certified to train and coach GTD®.

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