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This portal is designed to provide inspiration and practical support to Associates in optimising the “learner journey” for clients at all stages of adopting GTD. It is modelled around the “7Is” of the journey. It is a combination of ideas, represented as sticky notes, which can be used to “trigger” next actions in support of learners at different stages, as well as links to actual content outlining best practices for the idea involved. Over time, some of the sticky note triggers will be replaced with links to content as we develop tried-and-true ways of supporting learners and document those best practices here.

At the bottom of this page, you will also find all of the materials required for delivery of GTD training.


“I know enough about GTD to know that I want to learn more”

Best practices for Inspiration

Coming soon.


Testimonials from our clients demonstrate the impact GTD can have on an organisation.
Download Testimonials

Social Media Sites




Deliver a marketing talk/GTD Intro
Host an internal marketing talk with an internal champion
Point them at the rich resources on our website

Case Studies By Industry

Case studies that reveal the impact of GTD across a range of organisations.


Business Services

GTD Champions on Video

Ask: What do you want to measure?
Get an internal champion to provide an opener/introduction for you
Send them one of our guest blogs


Leverage champions
Send them one of our three 'inspire mail' emails
Send them one of our standard sales emails
Offer Internal Marketing Resources
Presentation on Journey


“I want to know my options to learn GTD from NAA”

Best practices for Information

Coming soon.

Overview of Offerings



  • Installation and Implementation in Microsoft Outlook, Omnifocus, or Lotus Notes
  • Guided Weekly Review Webinar
  • GTD Refresher


Proposal Generator


“I want to participate in a learning engagement about GTD”

Best practices for Instruction

Coming soon.

Organise an Internal Champions System Show-and-Tell with Q&A
Email to LD Coordinator with links (including to videos), sample text, and documents to drum up internal enthusiasm
Send HR our series of 3 emails to drum up internal enthusiasm
Coaching/Training Execs? Consider PAs/EAs
BD Manual


“I want to have a core system with some data in it”

Best practices for Installation

Coming soon.

Internal community of practice L&L action sets
Have a champion/sponsor come along to open day one, to say why we are doing this, and what we are hoping they’ll get from attending.
Installation and Implementation Webinar
Selected follow-up emails
Have a champion come along on the afternoon of day 2, once they have had a chance to do some implementation, to say a bit about their own journey with GTD, the benefits they are getting, and do some Q+A as a ‘real’ person.

Setup Guides

View All Guides
Break up the Implementation Guide
Finding Champions


“I want to have a comprehensive system that supports me in an integrated way”

Best practices for Implementation

Coming soon.

GTD Refresher
Follow-Up Year-Long Coaching
Build Relationships with Champions


“I want GTD to be second nature and habitual”

Best practices for Integration

Coming soon.

Champions Events
Content packages (blogs) to drip into corporate learner community to sustain engagement
Enabling Champions


“I want to measure the results GTD enables”

Best practices for Impact

Coming soon.

Evaluation Forms

Download Sample Forms
Gather testimonials

Client Research Exercises and Surveys

Case studies and surveys help to endorse GTD, especially when engaging with corporate clients. If you work with a client who would be willing to contribute towards a case study or conduct a survey, contact Amy.

Ask: What do you want to measure?



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